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Anchorage, Alaska 1964

The original Hazelet and Meals Homesteads, totaling 700 acres of land were filed in 1899. On “Good Friday” 1964 an earthquake destroyed the Town of Valdez and the Army Corps of Engineers declared the ground under the town permanently unstable. It was decided to move the “Town” to Hazelet/Meals lands and The Port Valdez Company, Inc. (PVC) was formed on May 21, 1964 to assist in relocating the City of Valdez from its original location (“Old Town”) to its present location (“New Town”).
Of the original 700 acres of land owned by the Hazelet and Meals families, 110 acres were given to the City of Valdez for its “New Town.”

In exchange, PVC received a twenty-year tax credit on its remaining 590 acres. Initially, the PVC leased and later sold land to Alyeska for the Black Gold Subdivision and Standard Oil for tank storage. In 1976, the PVC formed the Mineral Creek Land Co., a wholly owned subsidiary to develop portions of the PVC’s remaining land. This was done to allow PVC to remain as a land holding company for tax purposes. Financially, the Port Valdez Company (PVC), Inc. has performed solidly over the years. It has continued to develop its lands and maintained a record of distributing dividends to the shareholders.

The Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS). Oil was discovered at Prudhoe Bay, AK in 1968.

Valdez, Alaska

Valdez, Alaska

The pipeline was built between 1974 and 1977 after the 1973 oil crisis caused a sharp rise in oil prices in the United States. The project attracted tens of thousands of workers to Alaska, causing a boomtown atmosphere in Valdez, Fairbanks, and Anchorage.

The first barrel of oil traveled through the pipeline and arrived in Valdez June 20, 1977, and full-scale production began by the end of the year.

The launch of the pipeline transformed Alaska from a frontier state to an economic force. In its 38+ years of operation, TAPS has generated over $183 billion in state revenue, and the oil and gas industry accounts for roughly 92 percent of the state’s discretionary funds.
There are still approximately 40 billion barrels of known reserves on the North Slope and its off-shore enivrons.

Available Properties in Valdez, Alaska

Learn more about the remaining 30 acres below. The larger tracts (Tract P = 14.4 acres) and Mineral Creek Industrial Subdivision are approximately 5 acre lots. All the flat land is surrounded with paved streets, stubbed out water and sewer and power lines.

AlaskaQuake-FourthAve" by U.S. Army

  • Featured Property

    Featured Property - Meals Hill SOLD Our showcase property is Meals Hill. The original design and survey started in 1981. In 1991, “The Hill” was thoroughly resurveyed and the road redesigned to meet City standards. A portion of the road was rough graded during blasting of rock on Tract V. In 1999, the lower portion of the roadway was dynamited for access. We are actively seeking a global partnership relationship to develop this Meals Hill property with breath taking views of Valdez Bay. Ideal setting for destination adventure lodge/restaurant or boutique hotel with a mix use commercial and/or residential development in a “parkland” setting.

  • Residential Subdivision

    Residential Subdivision Complete residential subdivision development with paved streets, concrete curb/sidewalk, water, sewer, power, telephone. Mineral Creek Heights Subdivision – 58 lot subdivision next to hillside with incredible views. Winter Park Subdivision – Five-phase middle income housing adjacent to school.

  • Raw Land

    Raw Land FOR SALE The Port Valdez Co. over the last 45+ years has planned, designed  and/or subdivided 440 acres of land surrounding and within the City of Valdez.  Various tracts of unsubdivided land are still available for developers. In fact currently, we have approximately 200 acres of undeveloped land FOR SALE.

  • Blasting and Excavation

    Blasting and Excavation Clearing lands for port development, roadways, parking lots

  • Road Building

    Road Building Master planning, surveying, site analysis, design, construction Pioneer Drive Clark Street Mineral Creek Hts Road Meals Hill Road Winter Park Drive Tazlina Vista Drive

  • Industrial Subdivisions

    Industrial Subdivisions Complete subdivisions with paved streets, concrete curb/sidewalk, water, sewer, power, telephone. Mineral Creek Industrial Subdivision – 5-acre industrial lots subdivided for marketing

  • Hotel Sites

    Featured Property - Meals Hill Meals Hill – Master planning, site analysis and design assist on a 300-room hotel on the bluff Hotel Hill – Site analysis and concept design for Valdez Hotel.

  • Commercial Subdivisions

    Commercial Subdivisions Complete subdivisions with paved streets, concrete curb/sidewalk, water, sewer, power, telephone.

    Block 34 Commercial Complex – Developed for Exxon Oil Spill Recovery Headquarters

    Hazelet and Galena Street – Commercial subdivision

    Village Inn Subdivision) – Commercial subdivision

    Tract P – Portion of commercial adjacent to Egan Drive

  • Multi-family Subdivisions & Apartment Complexes

    Multi-family Subdivisions & Apartment Complexes Complete subdivisions with paved streets, concrete curb/sidewalk, water, sewer, power, telephone. Designing, subdividing and constructing apartment buildings using modular and conventional construction (Evergreen Vista)

  • Valdez Small Boat Harbor Project

    View Construction-Progress-Report-11 and Construction-Progress-Report-14 as well as photographs.